202-444-4444 – Telephone Spam – Please Stop Calling

202-444-4444 – Telephone Spam – Please Stop Calling

CALL FROM: 202-444-4444

CALLER: Unknown

– JUST got a call from this number and it was some foreign guy who tried telling me i got unclaimed grants and they wanted to wire transfer this money to a local Western credit union.  I told him to take my number off the list and that I know he’s a scam artist who barely speaks English  and he told me “you [***] yourself”  LMAO
– I have this number call me 5 times while I was at work and when I called it back some lady rudly answered said it was done dective office and said rudly “it’s not me someone used the phone to call U!” Then proccedes to hang up on me before I could say anything else…
– I keep getting lots of unwanted numbers from 202-444-4444 and 786-842-4491. Easy Solutions claims about being approved for a loan! They leave voice automated messages. Don not pick up your phone or call that number! It is a scam and a fraud!
– This guy called me too I answered. I and could not understand much of what the caller was saying. I could only partially make out something about the gover6 and money, I thought I own money to the government and I told the guy I call them back, I did and the phone call didn’t get through, I get to the Internet and I saw all this comment, to many crazies people out there.
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