2028667531 – 202-866-7531 – Telephone SCAMMER

2028667531 – 202-866-7531 – Telephone SCAMMER

CALL FROM: 2028667531

CALLER: Medical Scammer

Rowena Luis - The Sacred Wanderer


They called my landline just a few minutes ago but hung up when I answered.  A reverse phone lookup identifies them as looking for donations for a police fund HOWEVER they are flagged as high risk and potential scam or fraud (http://www.whitepages.com/reverse_phone).  Without the actual name of the organization there’s no way to confirm if they are valid but it seems unlikely with what I can find.

I too get calls from this number.  It’s not only the same first 6 digits but then the last 4 digits are not the same!!!  I have put call blocking on my phone but the last 4 digits just keep changing.  I even told them to stop calling but they keep pestering me!!!  I’m reporting them to the FL Do Not Call along with the US Do Not Call.  I just want them to stop harrassing me!!!

Check your blocker documentation and see if it can block whole area codes, area codes and exchanges, or wild card numbers.  Stop picking up.  These are crooks calling about a fake charity.  If you could actually determine who is calling you could sue them for $500 per call or more.

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