612-520-7542 – 6125207542 – Telephone SCAMMER

612-520-7542 – Telephone SCAMMER

CALL FROM: 6125207542

CALLER: Direct Recovery Services

Rowena Luis - The Sacred Wanderer

-Direct Recovery Services. they are a scam company found on several different pages
Hello, this is Susan federal law designate this matter as a confidential notice for XXXXXX. If you are not XXXXX, please hang up now. Hello, this is Susan fits unfortunately your file has been escalated to our office due to your failure to respond before the end of business today, and it is Friday the 11th of November. We do need to know was this done intentionally or was this an oversight. I suggest you communicate or have your attorney call no later than 6 p.m.. Today. The phone number is 6125207542. Again, it would behoove you to call before we are asked to see solitaire communication 6125207542 and we may speak with you, or counsel.
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  1. diyala engineer
    diyala engineer says:

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  2. RobBoberty
    RobBoberty says:

    Got a call with most of same words.
    Different number 7632009417

    Funny part was the name the message was for.

    My first name, my wifes last name as middle name and my sister in laws last name as last name.

  3. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    This scam is now being done under a different phone number….
    763-200-9417.. Same woman’s name Susan Fitz and everything she says is the same….. Be careful same scammer….

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    612-520-7542 called my daughters phone and a friends phone and specifically asked to talk to me. She said her name was Susan Fitz and word for word what popped up when I googled number. It is a nuisance that she used a scam such as this.

  5. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Got the same call tonight word for word, only slight difference.. Susan made sure to let me know her client DEMANDS to know if this was done intentionally or as an oversight. I didn’t return the call. Decided to google the number and this was a first result for it. Sad world this is how people would rather try and make money instead of actually working for it


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